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Paintless & Conventional Dent Repair

If your car or truck has no dings or dents, consider yourself lucky. Most cars have some sort of damage from a number of sources. Some of the most common ways your car or truck gets dented include runaway shopping carts, other cars parking too close and hitting your car with their door, hail, and parking lot and driveway fender benders. Whatever the case, you may want to consider paintless dent removal (PDR) to repair small dents.

Paintless Vs Traditional Dent Removal

At Plan B Autobody, we repair any and all dents, large or small. If a dent has not disturbed your vehicle’s finish, paintless dent removal is a great option. Many of our customers ask what paintless dent removal is. It is a way to repair the dent from a vehicle’s surface without using fillers and having to repaint. Most cars that were not in a collision are good candidates for paintless dent repair. Examples of dents that work well with PDR include ones caused by hail, rocks, shopping carts, and other car doors. Antique cars can also have dents removed using PDR.

Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal

There are many benefits to using this process.
• Your car will retain its original finish and its value
• Inexpensive
• Environmentally friendly
• Fast repair (same day)
• Helps retain your manufacturer’s warranty
• Paint color matches exactly
• Dented panel retains original strength and dent will not return


Traditional Dent Repair 

If your dent disturbed your car’s paint finish and you see chipping or cracking it is better repaired by using traditional methods. The good news is we can still repair the dent or damage and restore your vehicle. It will just take more time. Filling, matching paint color, and sanding are often required.

Need a Dent Assessment? Email us a picture or bring your car by the shop in Goodlettsville.