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Hendersonville Headlight Restoration

Plan B Autobody Goodlettsville

The appearance of your headlights makes a difference in the aesthetics of your vehicle. One of the most noticeable parts of every car are the headlights.  They are the “eyes” of the car and should be as clear as possible. If you are in the Hendersonville area, we can help. Our auto body team restores headlights right the first time for lasting results. Unquestionably, you do not want foggy and dimmed lights, which have disadvantages, culminating in the driver’s safety. Foggy and yellowing headlights are an eyesore which is easily remedied. You might ask yourself, “What options do I have short of buying new headlights?” An attractive option to many of our customers is to simply restore the old headlights to their original condition. For optimal results, hire a professional with experience. Yes, there are do it yourself kits. Some customers have tried these and found they start fogging again after a month or two.


Benefits of headlight restoration by Auto Body Specialists

Increased Visibility – It is obvious that everyone on the road wants their headlights to be as clear as possible so that the road ahead is fully lit.
Improved Appearance of your car or truck – Clear headlights mean a better appearance and even increased value, when it is time to sell or secure a car loan.

Cost Savings- purchasing brand new lights is expensive and parts can sometimes be hard to find. Restoring headlights solves the problem and saves both time and money.  Plan B works with Matrix paint products to provide a wide variety of coatings including undercoats, base coats, clear coats, hardeners, special effect metallic, and more, and uses Matrix’ precise color matching system so that paint jobs by Plan B are complete and flawless every time.

The benefits of headlight restoration are numerous.  Dull or yellowing headlights can easily be restored with our process. Our professional auto body specialists restore your headlights with optimal clarity and protect them from the harm of UV rays.  Say goodbye to foggy, cloudy, and yellowing headlights. While you have your car at Plan B Autobody, you can also take care of any door dings including minor or major dents, and even receive a completely new paint job.  We are glad to quote any service you may desire for your car.  Plan B services Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Whitehouse and beyond.

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