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Our professional detailing service is done by hand by our trained technicians to restore both your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Your car will feel new just like the day you drove it off the lot! We offer a variety of detailing packages to customize what you and your vehicle needs.

Exterior Detailing:

We start by meticulously washing your vehicle from bumper to bumper. This process is done by hand to ensure every inch of your vehicle is cleaned and any specialized product needed is applied. Our technicians will then diligently remove any contaminants, overspray or residue left on your vehicle. We will polish and buff away minor scratches or flaws in your vehicle’s clear coating to avoid further damage or deterioration. The final step is using a sealant that not only gives your vehicle a glossy-like new sheen but also adds a protective layer. 

We can include additional exterior detailing services ranging from headline polishing, bumper repair, paint touch ups or engine detailing.

Interior Detailing: 

Detailing the interior of your vehicle can make it feel like a brand new vehicle all over again! Every surface is vacuumed from the seats and carpets to  the headliner and trunk or cargo areas. We will perform an intense steam clean that not only sanitizes but removes stains as well. Leather seats or trim will be cleaned and restored using leather specific products. Your windows, dashboard and hard surfaces will all be sanitized and polished like-new! Any set-in odors? We offer perfuming as well to leave your car smelling clean and new. 

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