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Updated on January 31, 2023

Plan B Auto Body Goodlettsville Collision Diagnostic Tool

Plan B Auto Body Collision Diagnostic Tool Goodlettsville TN

The Collision repair shop at Plan B Autobody Goodlettsville, TN is truly a step above the rest. Not only are we fully committed to restoring your car to its pre-accident glory using only the highest quality parts and paints, but we also have a new, state of the art collision diagnostic tool which puts us head and shoulders above any other body repair shop in the Goodlettsville area. Whether you need your car, truck, van or SUV repaired, our technicians are trained to handle the issue. And, they are now armed with the asTech™ collision diagnostic tool, allowing them to be 100% sure all systems are running properly in your vehicle. The asTech™ diagnostic tool at Plan B Auto Body is revolutionary in the world of vehicle diagnostics.

What Is The Plan B Auto Body Collision Diagnostic Tool?

The asTech™ diagnostic tool allows Plan B Auto Body to scan your vehicle both before and after repairs have been done allowing us to be sure that all of the problems your vehicle was having prior to entering our Goodlettsville collision repair shop have been fully taken care of. With Plan B Autobody there is no getting home only to find that all the repairs on your car are not completed, or that your car simply is still not right despite the bill you just paid stating otherwise.

How Does Plan B Auto Body Diagnose Your Vehicle?

A trained Plan B Auto Body technician will connect the diagnostic tool to your car and turn the ignition. To prevent the car battery from dying, a battery support will be connected at this time as well. As the scan is being performed, all the systems in your vehicle will be looked at by a master technician ensuring no detail is missed. Examples of the information received from the scan include engine light readings, a check that all sensor systems are properly functioning as well as hidden damage reports since not all damage to your vehicle’s systems will cause a check engine light to appear. This scan is repeated after repairs are completed, ensuring that every single issue has been addressed and repaired.

What Sets Plan B Collision Repair Apart In Goodlettsville TN

Along with our state of the art diagnostic tool, we also offer:

  • Comprehensive free repair estimates
  • Lifetime warranties on our parts
  • We use only the best parts, paints and techniques
  • Complimentary car detailing
  • The highest quality work with a fast turnaround